About Us

Consistently we wake up to the way that more than 250 million lives are a piece of the family called LIC.

We are lowered by the greatness of the obligation we convey and understand the lives that are connected with us are exceptionally important for sure.

Despite the fact that this journey began once again five decades back, It is still aware of the way that, while protection might be a business for LIC, being a piece of a huge number of lives each day for as long as 60 years has been a procedure called TRUST.

LIC has been one of the spearheading associations in India who presented the influence of Information Technology in adjusting and in their business. We have gone in for important and proper innovation throughout the years.

The narrative of protection is most likely as old as the story of humanity. A similar sense that prompts advanced business people today to secure themselves against misfortune and disaster existed in primitive men too.

They excessively looked for, making it impossible to deflect the underhanded outcomes of fire, flood and death were ready to make some kind of relinquish to accomplish security. In spite of the fact that the idea of protection is to a great extent an improvement.

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Podanur Branch , Coimabatore.